5 Easy Ways to Select a Good Dissertation Topic

5 easy ways to select a good dissertation topic
July 24, 2019

Choosing a good topic for your dissertation is not an easy task and is often not the most interesting work as well. However, it is very much essential to select a good and relevant topic for your dissertation work. A well-chosen topic ensures that you can all the more easily compose a subjectively high-quality thesis paper. You should always choose a topic that makes you feel both relaxed and confident…


Divide the chapters of your thesis effectively

In around 4th century BC (384 to 322 BC), a Greek philosopher named Aristotle gave the first ever classification in biology and divided organisms into two groups- plants and animals. Fast forward to 18th century, a Swedish scientist namely Carolus Linneus divided living things into one of two kingdoms of plant and animals, based on their similarities and differences. These classifications have made the very foundation of the science of…

November 4, 2016

20 Tips for Finishing Your PhD Quickly

Being a doctoral researcher takes you on a path of intellectual enhancement where you can develop the power of eliciting changes on the society. Though, this path to successful completion of PhD education can be hard, demanding and backbreaking. From choosing a research topic, to pleasing your supervisors, to adjusting to the competitive environment and still capable of forming coherent thoughts are pretty much the sources of exhaustion. So how…

October 9, 2015