Manage Depression During Thesis Writing

Dissertation writing is important if you want to graduate and the mere thought of it feels us all with agonizing anxiety. However, the best way to overcome dissertation blues is by preparing. Make a plan, decide how much time you will be devoted to each chapter like any other complex task writing a dissertation must be simplified. You can think you your dissertation as an assembly of different chapters and once you have completed each chapter, you get much closer to the finish line of your final dissertation. If you are organized and determined to complete one chapter at a time, then you will start to enjoy dissertation writing.

The dissertation is a long and arduous process. So don’t give in to the habit of writing alone. There is no need to write alone in your room or the library rather be proactive and form a dissertation writing group with other fellow graduate students even they are from a different department. This enables you all to discuss a strategy that will allow you all to finish the dissertation writing as efficiently as possible. You can share the common experience or discuss your unique experience. It is beneficial to discuss your timeline with respect to each chapter completion with a trusted friend. This will give rise to accountability on your part, and motivate you to reach the deadline.

Writing a dissertation in the midst of everything else that you have to do in graduate school is undoubtedly hard. But always try with determination to uplift your spirits with positive thoughts. Associate with people, pets or nature, whatever makes you happy? Connect deeply with your spiritual side, a moment of calm and silence can help you feel less anxious. Always keep a social and emotional anchor. These are effective ways of being responsible for oneself.

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