The Mighty Role of Statistically Significant Data in Research

Researchers are always on the lookout for data that are ‘Statistically Significant’. But what does ‘Statistically Significant’ really mean in the scientific context? This has baffled both the scientists and the general public. Here statistically significant does not hold the same weight age as words such as significant or insignificant. ‘Statistically Significant’ in the scientific context means that there is a strong case for a relationship or correlation between two…

October 22, 2017

Statistics adds stamp of credibility to your research!

Statistics could be defined as the science of collecting, analyzing and getting inference from the data. In general, statistics is used by researchers in many fields to organise, analyse, and summarise data. Once upon a time, it was limited in its usage as a useful branch of mathematics. However, later on, it expanded its utility for researchers also and is now being used by them for accessing right data. These…

August 31, 2015