Summarizing and displaying data via stats for healthy research

If you are a research student and if you want to prove your point strongly, you should try to summarise different data reports taking the help of statistics to come out with an accurate research.  It is important, both for researchers and consumers of research, to understand statistics. This way, they would be informed of their subject and can evaluate the credibility and usefulness of information, and make appropriate decisions.

Basically, statistics is the science of collecting, analyzing and making inference from data. Statistics in general is a useful branch of mathematics. At times, it was being studied theoretically by advanced mathematicians but these days, it is also being studied by researchers in many fields. They generally use it to organize, analyze, and summarize data.

Statistical methods and analyses are mostly used to communicate research findings. It also helps in supporting hypotheses and gives credibility to research methodology and conclusions.

Statistics in Action

There could be different purposes of statistics in researches. However, in most of the cases, they are used to help us understand and describe phenomena in the world and help us draw reliable conclusions about different phenomena.

How to compile data

Ideally, statisticians are the people who compile data about the entire population (The operation is called census). This can be organized by governmental statistical institutes. While the descriptive statistics can be used to summarize the population data, there is numerical descriptor as well which include mean and standard deviation for continuous data types (like income). Frequency and percentage are more useful in terms of describing categorical data.

The researchers mostly benefit with statistics. At times when census data cannot be collected, statisticians collect data by developing specific experiment designs and survey samples. The results which come out from such samples help in giving weight to the research. It also helps in washing away  the biased reports.

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