Tips on Performing Multiple Reviews of Your PhD Dissertation

Preparing the draft of your doctoral dissertation is not the end of your documentation process. It is also very important to focus on improving the quality of your content. For this purpose, it is necessary that you review your work not once, but a few more times. Multiple reviews can ensure to give you a well-drafted dissertation that is free of all types of linguistic, stylistic and formatting errors.

Here are some tips for you to handle the multiple review tasks on your own. However, you should not hesitate to go for professional help in case you find it complex to review your own work. Since you may have left unintended mistakes while writing in a flow, it can be disastrous to submit a document that is not even reviewed once.

Round 1: Use online resources

For an initial review, pick up a reliable online language or spellcheck tool that can identify and correct your basic linguistic errors. Similarly, you can use a tool for plagiarism detection and removal. Since there are several such free tools available online, these can save a significant amount of your time.

Round 2: Edit manually

After removing the basic errors, check your document manually for grammatical, spelling, punctuation and formatting errors. In this round, do not go for major revisions of content. Simply make your work free of common mistakes.

Round 3: Read through the content

When there would be no basic error, it will become easier for you to read your content in a flow. Do this to identify and correct any mistakes that may be left in the previous round, as well as to restructure content that seems absurd or ambiguous. You may also rewrite something that hinders the clarity or meaningfulness of your ideas and arguments.

Round 4: Final check

Refer to your project’s outline to ensure the inclusion of all required elements. Do a final check for any possible value addition.

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