How to Make Your PhD Dissertation 100% Original

Originality holds the utmost place in writing and documentation. When we talk about a PhD dissertation, it becomes even more critical to maintain complete originality and authenticity in terms of content writing. Here are some pointers that can help you achieve 100% originality in your work.

Credit your reference sources

When you refer any content source and pick up even a small quote, make sure that you do not include it in your work without giving due credit to its original author. You should also use their quoted material under quotation marks. When you cite any study in your Literature Review chapter or anywhere else throughout your dissertation, ensure that you have cited the source within the text and have also mentioned it in your references.

Use the right citation/referencing style

The next important step toward full originality is the use of right professional style of citation of external sources. The style can be suggested by your academic institution in its dissertation writing guidelines. Pick up the recommended professional styleguide or manual to follow it for the proper referencing styles.

Use your own thoughts and words

When you are explaining your ideas and thoughts in your dissertation, do it in your own language. It would always be better than supporting some paraphrased text with quotations. Presenting your arguments in your own words is the most suitable way to make your work original and genuine.

Know and test plagiarism

You should know about plagiarism so you do not make such mistakes that can induce plagiarism in your work. Unless you know the sources through which plagiarism may occur in your work, you will not be able to avoid it. Further, conduct a plagiarism check using any available plagiarism detection tool. If you find any percent of plagiarism in your dissertation, then rework on eliminating it from the required places.

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